About JCMI


Jesus Christ Ministries International is a registered, non-profit organization and relies totally on God to supply our needs according to His riches in Glory, through the kindness of people’s love and corporate and individual’s donations. At JCMI we don’t build big churches but we build big people through the homeless, needy, aged, etc. Our goal is to establish as many “JCMI Inns”, as possible, so that there will always be room for people in need, starting in South Africa and then the rest of the world. The term “inn” was taken from the scriptures, which teaches us that Jesus’ mother was turned away because there was no room at the inn. So for us the “Inn” represents a place, for people that are in need.


At present we have ministry partnerships in Soweto, Temba, Shoshangowa, Garankuwa, Limpopo, Phoenix, Chatsworth, Durban, Botswana, Malawi, Kenya, United Kingdom, India, Mauritius, China, DRC and USA. The organization has been running with the financial backing God gives to Apostle Govender but the need has risen for us to create pledge forms, which is on this site under “Sponsor – Homeless”. We have no external or government funding at present and believe that God will make a way. We don’t only need donations financially but will accept food, clothing and other goods to supply to the needy families that we have in the organization.


Apostle Govender, his wife and 3 children, founded JCMI, in the living room of their home. This is a ministry with a difference, cause once you come in you too, become part of the close family circle, created by the members of the organization. God has given Apostle Govender the vision that one day JCMI will be overseeing billions of people and everyone will be living with the abundance of the earth. During the middle of 2003 Jesus Christ Ministries International gained even more excess to more people by going live on the Internet, worldwide. We trust in God that this is still the beginning and there is more, much more to be poured into this organization. In everything, “Be it unto us, According to Thy Word”.