Apostle Govender’s Biography


Apostle Govender, a servant of Christ Jesus and Chief Founding Member (CFM) & Chairman of Jesus Christ Ministries International (JCMI), in Africa and Internationally. His love for his family is something ordained by God and it is evident in his love for the people in the organization. He loves the Lord and dedicates his life to serving but also allows others to grow in the ministry with him. Apostle Govender and Dr. D Govender continue to give all their funds when the ministry needs it and support this ministry from their own income. He has a Professorship Degree, PhD – Theology, Master in Theology, Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Divinity (Honors), Bachelor of Commerce, and Bachelor of Ministry, CAIB (SA), Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and holds many other qualifications, within various fields of study. Dr. Govender holds a Certificate in Ministry, Diploma in Pastoral, Degree in Ministry, Masters in Ministry and Doctorate in Ministry.


They both have been in the ministry from 1990 part-time and works with the under privileged, homeless, needy, etc. During the year of 1993 God gave them revelation to work in the Kingdom of God more than before. Thereafter he and his wife started to study the Word of God and meditate on it, day and night. From that day, to present, they have not turned back but want to continue serving God, all the days of their life. He is one of five siblings, born in South Africa in the city of Durban. God chose him, long before his family gave their hearts to the Lord.


Apostle Govender is the Dean & Head Lecturer of JCMI Bible College, which started in 2002. He also lectures on “Financial Matters” & “Leadership” to churches and in the circular world. Apostle Govender completed his book, “Leadership and Church Growth”, in 1999 and has been teaching on the material ever since, to different churches. They have given his life to God, whether teaching in the Sunday school, Youth, to the Congregation and to who ever want to know God.


At present JCMI has different executive boards, with Apostle Govender, sitting on each one of them as the CFM but has a non-voting member in discussions within that particular branch. Apostle Govender and Dr. Govender are looking forward to sharing the word and spreading the gospel wherever and whenever, they can, for the Glory of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In everything, “Be it unto us, According to Thy Word”.