JCMI Bible College


We offer Degree’s in the following Ministry fields:

V  Biblical Studies;

V  Divinity or

V  Theology


  Certificate       – From R1500 p/a

v  Bridging 1 – R2000 p/a

  Diplomas         – From R2500 p/a

v  Bridging 2 – R2500 p/a

  Bachelors        – From R5000 p/a

v  Honours    – R7000 p/a

  Masters            – From R8000 p/a


  Doctors           – From R8500 p/a


The above-mentioned courses are accredited Christian Quality Assurance (CQA), Higher E-Learning (HEL) and through World Distance Learning University [WDLU].


The following in-house training courses can be done at your church, for:

V  Sunday School Teachers

V  Youth Leaders

V  Cell Church Leaders

V  Men/Women Fellowship Leaders

V  Business Leaders

V  General Leadership

A certificate of completion is awarded, for the above-mentioned courses, through JCMI Bible College




For more information of courses and breakdown structure, together with the prices, please contact us either by e-mail, post mail or telephone.


Contact details for Administration:

Tel: [011] 855-9886

Cell: 082 336 6350

E-Mail: jcmi@jcmi.org.za

Web Site: www.jcmi.org.za

Postal: P.O. Box 3630

            Lenasia South

            Ext. 4