V  To fulfil God’s divine plan & purpose, will & ways, on earth as it is in Heaven.


V  To build as many “JCMI Inn’s” (orphanage, homeless home’s, centre for abused children and women, etc) as possible, starting from our local area and spreading to the out most parts of the earth.


V  To take care of the flock (feeding, clothing and nurturing) according to the instructed Word of the Lord Jesus Christ.


V  To bring the Word of the Lord in its simplest and most understandable form, without compromise, to the nation from the north to the south, from the east to the west and all around the world.


V  Covering the entire globe, starting from where we live to the end but in everything, “Be it unto us, according to Thy Word” Luke 1:38


V  Apostle Trevor Govender (Prof) did not just receive another vision but he received “Thy Vision” which is continuous in everything God pre-ordained.