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“…Be it unto me, according to Thy Word”

                       Luke 1:38



When the angel of the Lord approached Mary, her reaction to God’s

Word was dynamic. Should she had said “no”, what would have happened

to the generation to come. The decision you make to follow God must

always be according to His Word. Many a times we take man’s word and

lose focus on what God has to say, fear grips our heart and worry sets in.

After a while we start to act on our thoughts.

God's glory bewilders our imaginations. God's greatness exceeds our wildest

dreams. He is beyond what we can know or believe. Yet the Wonder of all

his wonders is simply this: he limited himself to a baby, swaddled by loving

parents in strips of cloth, and placed in a feed trough because there was no

room for them in the inn. Sometimes the greatest of all wonders are not

the ones that require our biggest and best words. Sometimes the greatest of

all wonders wrap their tiny fingers around our own and capture our hearts.



I do not know how to understand your incredible love for us, yes

even for me. How could you enter our world in baby Jesus? Like the

Magi, I bow and worship you, Lord Jesus, and our Father who sent

you. Who is like you, O God? Nobody is even close. Yet for some

reason known only to your grace, you have brought us close. I

praise you for your majesty and I praise you for your manger. To

your glory, precious Jesus, and in your name, I offer this praise.




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